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The interior designers 3 buck chuck

About a year ago I discovered an app that would change my world forever within the interior design and “being a renter that moves fairly often” world. The app is  Magic Plan . The idea behind the app is simple use your smart phone to take measurements of your space. Tape measures are a thing of the past ladies and gents, because Magic App will help you  create a complete blue print of any space you want to measure and it will do so for only 3 bucks per floor plan! there are many other purchasing and subscriptions options available, no matter what your goal is. Real estate agents, renters looking for a new pad, or the part timer with a few rental properties to help with the mortgage no matter how big your investment is in the real estate sales or rental acquisition business this app is definitely worth checking out.

To give you an example of what the app can do and how I used it to help find the best rental  for myself and my individualized set of needs I’ve included what I created with the amazing Magic App.

Plan 5 - w-out Furniture- 2nd Floor-1 Plan 5 - w-out Furniture - 1st Floor-1Plan 5 - w Furniture - 2nd FloorPlan 5 - W Furniture- 1st Floor


How to change google voice settings-

Log into gmail account

On the top of the page there is the word ‘more’ and an arrow.

Select arrow and scroll down to ‘even more’. Select ‘even more’.

A new window should open up displaying all the different apps that google offers.

click on ‘Voice’ App

In upper right hand click on the wheel icon (this is where your settings are located)

choose ‘Voice Settings’

Choose the ‘Voicemail’ Tab

A new recording can be created under the first option, titles ‘Voicemail Greeting’

Once you choose a name for your new greeting Google will confirm your cell # and call your phone to record the greeting through the microphone on your phone.

Hot Buttons

While researching for my new job today I can across this wonderful example of the underlying concept of ‘The Hot Button’ concept.

The Hot Button Principle

You’re Selling What?
Way back in the olden times, before digital cameras were invented, George Eastman, the founder of Kodak, rallied his sales force around him. He asked them a simple question.

“What is this product we are selling?”

The sales force was puzzled. “Cameras,” said one.

Mr. Eastman shook his head from side to side.

“Pictures?” asked another.

Eastman again said no.

“Film,” said yet another.

“No, my friends,” said Eastman. “You’re all wrong. We’re not selling any of these. Those are just the by-products. A camera is a piece of hardware that anyone can make. We’re selling memories. Memories of good times. Memories of family. We are creating memories.”

A very important difference in the different listening styles between men and women

Men listen differently than women do. Women tend to nod their head and make comments, such as “ah, uh-huh, wow, yes, right” during conversation to indicate they are listening and involved. Men tend to listen like a wall, quietly observing until the other person finishes their statement. Being sensitive to this difference in how men and women communicate (and adapting, as appropriate) will improve communication between partners.