A very important difference in the different listening styles between men and women

Men listen differently than women do. Women tend to nod their head and make comments, such as “ah, uh-huh, wow, yes, right” during conversation to indicate they are listening and involved. Men tend to listen like a wall, quietly observing until the other person finishes their statement. Being sensitive to this difference in how men and women communicate (and adapting, as appropriate) will improve communication between partners.


Banana dances for new iPhone 4!

Whats the occasion? I have figured out how to upgrade to the new iPhone 4 with Verizon without having to pay the full $300!! ( want the 32 GB, which is $299)

Pure genius if I do say so myself. Ok, here’s the plan.

1. Buy new iPhone

2. Transfer all contacts and info from my HTC Incredible to iPhone 4

3. Post Craigslist ad for HTC asking between $270-$310. I plan on including a 32GB mini SD card, both car and wall chargers, protective case and three new screen protector sheets.

*The 32GB by itself is worth between $60-80, the chargers are worth $5-$30, and the screen covers and case were $25 .

I can include the apps I’ve purchased, if I can figure that out that is, which is likely at least worth another $30-50.

Crossing my fingers this works out as planned, wish me luck!

Ideas for how to deter running children and stray cats from your yard

I wasn’t the only one excited when I started a vegetable garden last spring. There were my roommates of course, dreaming of the delicious vegetables they got to eat and I got to grow. There was another somebody though, a quiet reserved somebody, that didn’t lead on to his joy. The garden became the perfect  for my cat and his ‘business’. I can imagine why he was so fond of it after all, soil so soft and loose it was just begging to hide his ‘treasures’. The problem with this is the lack of sanitation that can present itself when in the proximity of food. Since this was a pesky problem that I didn’t expect I ended up having to toss several rounds of radishes and carrots. But not this time, no sir, I’ve done my research and am preparing to win the battle this year. Bring it on Boo Kitty, bring it!

First green idea:

You can plant things to discourage cats, such as geraniumpennyroyal, rue, lavender, garlic, lemon thyme, lemon verbena, and other strongly scented plants. You can also lay chicken wire in your flower beds, as cats dislike like walking on wire. In addition to chicken wire, you can use pine cones, nut shells, and short stakes to discourage cats from walking in your yard; cats also don’t like walking on coffee grounds and eggshells, both of which happen to make great fertilizer.

My personal fav:

Some people find that an automatic sprinkler does the trick when it comes to getting rid of stray cats. Sprinklers can be installed with motion-sensitive detectors which cause the sprinkler to go off when an animal walks by, and they can be moved around so that the animals don’t learn to subvert the sprinkler.

I found this info here.